I’m Resigning From Truth From The Trainer!


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They say the only constant in life is change. I happen to agree with that…regrettably but I do agree. I launched watch your trainer blog aka known as truth from the trainer on May 22, 2009 with my very first post aptly named,” He Hate Me“.

I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to blog about fitness and health issues. If you think I’m lying, who would actually name a blog watch your trainer? lol

I had this passion for fitness coupled with personal training classes and I had to get the message out. I’ll admit there were times when I didn’t feel like writing  so I would just post a video.

There were even times I wanted to quit because I would check google analytics and see only 10 views… and that was on a good day.

I thought the minute I launched my blog I’d become an overnight celebrity.

I didn’t realize this blogging stuff is hard work and not for the timid. It takes guts to put your ideas out to the world knowing someone will disagree with everything you say, or try for lack of a better word, to put you on blast.

Did you know they are people out there whose sole job in life is to criticize and judge others? I call these people haters and choose to stay clear of them.

Haters exist in all forms of life and some can even camouflage themselves as friends but I digress.

About a week ago, I was listening to Dean Dwyer’s, “Make Shift Happen” podcast when he said something so profound it almost made me wreck my car. I’d like to share it with you.

He said when he started his first blog he realized he was being categorized. It took him some time but he realized he had evolved into something else. I’m now realizing the same.

I use to be this goofy fitness guy who thought whey protein shakes and eating chicken breasts and brown rice were the answers to health. I guess I was confused but the journey had to start somewhere.

This is my journey and one chapter on it closes but another one will open.

As of this writing, I’ll be ending a chapter of my life by discontinuing writing on truth from the trainer.

I’m not taking it down…I just won’t be writing any current posts. I guess you could say I’m retiring the old me.

I would to thank you from the bottom, top, sides of my heart if you’ve ever read, commented, or shared my blog in the past four years. I really appreciate it!

Now, here’s the good news. You’ll get to see the new me, the new blog, the evolution of who I’ve become at Phat-Man.Com.

Please book mark me and prepare to laugh, comment, and even be challenged on real nutrition and optimal health.

Thanks again for your readership and patience with me.

Phat-Man.Com Coming Soon!






 Im Resigning From Truth From The Trainer!

Darren McDuffie is a fitness trainer and real food activist. In 2005, he lost his mother to breast cancer and although tragic it was a blessing in disguise. Through this tragedy, he used his inside information as a former pharmaceutical representative to expose the deceit of Big Food and Big Pharma.

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