Whatever Happened To The Joy Of Cooking?


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Whatever happened to the joy of cooking? About 2 weeks ago, I saw something that ruffled my freaking feathers! Now…I’m not one to always get upset about things but when I see it more than once, somethin’ has to give. I guess you’d like to know why I got so upset about, huh? Well, I popped into the grocery store to pick up something I really had to have for a dish I was preparing for breakfast. By the way, my local grocery store carries organic products but I don’t make it a habit of shopping there all the time.

So…I’m in line getting ready to check out and right in front of me there is a young mother with a child riding shotgun in the buggy. I happened to look in her buggy and everything she had in it was either in a box or a bag.

My first impulse was to grab her and shake the “shiggidy” out of her for 20 minutes. She needed to wake upppppp!

I’ve been writing this blog for a number of years now and the one thing I can truly say is, its been quite the learning experience. There are things I wrote years ago, I wish I could take back. There are things I wish I would have said, that I didn’t.

But, the one constant with me was my belief in the power of cooking. I strayed away from cooking once in my life and it resulted in a potbelly and 35 pounds of additional weight.

I was saved by a book called,”Eating For Life”. The book taught me how to make healthy recipes to support weigh reduction and a healthy lifestyle.

My only beef with the book was its liberal use of splenda in some of the recipes. Oh well, nothing is perfect!

Now…I’m going to ask you the question again, what’s happened to the joy of cooking? I have some theories and I’ll share them.

My first theory centers around survival mode. When people are in survival mode there’s very little time for extras.

For example, too many people shuffle into a job they hate, for low pay and very little benefits. As a result, they become mentally, physically, and emotionally tired.

When you’re that tired, life sucks and its easy to fall into the extra value meal blues. The last thing on your mind is cooking good food because the illusion of a cheap burger and fries seems easier on your pockets then going to the grocery store and spending money on a healthier alternative. Been there done that!

Theory #2 is laziness. Yup…people are freakin’ lazy! There are some people who eat out every day and some eat out more than once a day.

Why? I’ve heard all the excuses like, “I can’t cook, “I don’t have the time” or I can’t afford good food. Well, here’s what I’ll say to that.

If you can’t cook, take a cooking class. Community colleges and other places offer cooking classes at very affordable prices. Don’t have the time…turn off your TV and use the dvr to record your shows and watch them when they’re convenient for you.

I can’t afford it? Really? Judging from the lines for the Iphone 5 or the latest Sony Playstation games there ain’t too many people suffering from money woes…just money priorities.

At a moment’s notice, 99.9% of us will give up cooking if someone else will do it for us. We’ve become slaves to convenience and prisoners of bad health.

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I’m a pothead…I love to cook my own food!!!

Some of my best memories as a kid, were coming inside from playing all day and smelling my mother’s cooking. I couldn’t wait to eat because my mother was the best cook in the world!

I don’t know if it was what she cooked or the love she put into it. It was probably both.

There is no love in something you pry out of a box and place in a microwave or conventional oven. There sure ain’t no health in it either!

Isn’t it odd we’re taught to distrust before we trust? You’ve heard the sayings, don’t trust strangers or don’t trust used car salesmen, yet it doesn’t necessarily hold true for everything.

While trust isn’t something deserving of our personal relationships, we place an inordinate amount of it with restaurants and food companies.

We don’t have a care in the world when we sit down at a restaurant or grab something off the grocery store shelf about what’s in it or how it was prepared; the assumption is its safe to consume.

When you cook your own food, you know what’s in it and how it was prepared. Can you say that when your food comes in a box, or bag?

I’d be willing to bet, you don’t read the ingredients. The reality is food companies and restaurants misuse our trust and ignorance to keep selling subpar products which are catalysts for illness and disease.

Whenever possible, find the true joy in cooking and only then will you be able to experience good health.


It’s your turn now…have you kept the joy of cooking alive in your home or have you become a slave to convenience? Are you a true pothead like me? Leave a Facebook comment or WordPress comment below. Thanks much!!!

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 Whatever Happened To The Joy Of Cooking?

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